Download Instructions

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1974*804*250dpi direct download instructions for all in selling book

[button link=””] iPad, iPhone or iPod touch[/button] [button link=””] Android phone or tablet[/button]  [button link=””] Kindle[/button]  [button link=””] Nook and other ereaders[/button]  [button link=””] PDF Format[/button]

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Direct download is very easy. It lets you to save a book to your computer first. Then you can transfer it to your preferred reading device. Here are the step-by-step instructions any kind of reading device you might have. Before following the steps, download the book to your computer. Do this with the link emailed to you after you completed your purchase. Chances are, you will have chosen either epub or Kindle. An epub file is a standard ebook file format readable on almost every ebook reader including iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Sony Reader. The other format is the mobi file format that is Kindle ready.

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You can also read your book on your computer screen if you prefer. The epub file can be read with Adobe Digital Editions (free download) and the mobi file can be read by Kindle for PC  or Mac (free download)
Your first step is to download the book to your computer with your unique link that we sent to your email (the one you used when you purchased the book). If you can’t locate your download link, we can re-send you the download link.

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iPad, iPhone or iPod touch

If you read with the iBooks app, the easiest way to get a book onto your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch is to visit the download link directly on your device. If you use the Safari browser and click the download link we provided you for for the book, it will be added to your iBooks app without having to sync to your computer first.

If you prefer to download the books to your computer and then sync them to your device, please follow these instructions:

  1. Open iTunes. If you don’t have iTunes already installed, you can download it here.
  2. Make sure you have the iBooks app installed on your iOS device. If you don’t, click here (it’s free). You must sync the iBooks app before you do the next step. Here are more instructions on how to sync the iBooks app.

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  1. Click the BOOKS link under LIBRARY in iTunes. Then drag the .epub version of the book into iTunes anywhere under the LIBRARY section. Make sure it is the .EPUB, because the .MOBI version of the book will not work. So if you downloaded the book All In Selling, it should be the ALL_IN_SELLING.EPUB book that you drag in.
  2. Connect your iOS device to your computer using either USB or Wi-Fi sync (if you have it enabled), then select it in iTunes.
  3. Click the BOOKS link, and make sure you have SYNC BOOKS checked. Now select the book you want to sync.
  4. With your cursor on APPLY in the bottom right, click and wait for the process to finish. Once it’s done, open the iBooks app and you should see your book there.