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All-In Selling
Master the Art of Subliminal Persuasion 

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Tested and proven method to train the subconscious mind in the art of subliminal influence (where all real persuasion takes place).

    • Develop powerful subliminal persuasion that makes it practically impossible for others to resist you.
    • Uncover hidden, subconscious income limits and remove them to unleash your true potential. (You don’t have them? Don’t be too sure! Over 95 percent of people tested—both in sales and otherwise—have been found to have self-imposed limits on their success. )
  • Make your sales career super rewarding and define your own life with plenty of time and resources to do what you want.
  • Say goodbye to economic insecurity, bill-paying stress and going without.
  • Develop a productivity-minded spirit of defiance that lets you succeed while doing it your way.
  • Free yourself from the drudgery of corporate America. Successful—really successful, which means highly persuasive—people are in great demand everywhere and can write their own ticket.

Whether you are in sales or not—whether you sell goods or services, or are part of the sharing economy—All-In Selling will change your life forever in a good way!

This is not your grandpa’s sales training. All In Selling does not, repeat not, present tips, tricks or gimmicky sales methods to get people to buy from you. Some of those things (but not the gimmicky ones) are good to know, but they cannot elevate you into big league selling. If you are in sales you have already read some of those other, more conventional books. What you get in All In Selling are mind conditioning methods that make people want to buy from you. That’s what it takes to get into the highest levels of big league selling.

Here is some good news, based on fact and proven by research: You do not have to be a glib, back-slapping fast talker to be successful in sales or in life in general. Life and success in general are easier, better, and more fun when you do not have to be a high pressure closer. And you certainly don’t have to work 90 hours a week. (Although you might want to, once you get your sell on. For a while anyway, to catch up on all the money you have not made up to now. But that is a different matter.)

From his lowly beginnings as a shoeshine boy to wearing English handmade shoes, the author spent 16 years breaking world sales records before retiring from sales and becoming a doctor. He first developed his unique methods while working in the trenches as a salesman.

Later he scientifically validated and improved the methods of big league selling. These are the same methods used by salespeople, executives and entrepreneurs who make millions with apparent ease. You’ve seen them and wondered what makes them so special. Here is the answer, along with detailed instructions in the methods and techniques, so you can join them.

This is not just another sales training book. There are plenty of those. It is not the story of how one person made it big in sales, hoping it will work for you, too. This is a complete method for training your mind in subliminal persuasion. It is based on hundreds of people’s experience using this scientifically enhanced and validated method. It is totally different from ordinary sales training. It’s a whole ‘nother thing.

All In Selling cuts through the nonsense and mythical folklore of typical how-to-sell books and training programs. While often useful, sometimes even necessary, typical sales training books and programs can take you only so far. They make you work … All In Selling makes you money! These methods are a genuine paradigm shift that can lift you into big league selling.

Something else this book is not: It is not another airplane book inflated with glitzy hyped-up corporate gloss. Nor is it more of those tired methods that might have worked for a while in the last century. All-In Selling presents a no-holds-barred, subliminal-control approach to selling at its most potent.

There are instructions in All-In Selling that can empower anyone to succeed beyond their wildest dreams. Chapter by chapter (330 pages worth) it takes you from concept to action. You get full details on what to do to enter the world of big league selling. Or big league anything for that matter. It doesn’t matter what you do or sell.  (If you do anything for pay, you have to be selling something.) Click on the book picture above to see the Table of Contents and first two units.

  • Mystery and mastery of persuasion explained
  • Semiotics of persuasion – easily understood signs, signals and relationships in selling situations
  • The number one reason sales are lost
  • The subconscious logic of sellers and buyers
  • Buying-decision triggers (not what you think – this will surprise and delight you)
  • Hidden message control and interpretation
  • The open mind that closes sales
  • The power of blindsight (yes, blindsight)
  • Hidden mental processes that can put you on top
  • Inner switches that control the hidden source of fear
  • Break through mental barriers that limit income
  • Subliminal intercourse for persuasion power
  • First impressions (conventional wisdom is, shockingly, dead wrong)
  • Scapegoats – how to avoid (or stop) being one
  • Read hidden facial messages
  • The power of the silent whisper in closing sales
  • Mental blind spots and selling
  • 21 exercises to get your sell on and become an All In seller

This book is unlike any other book on selling, and it is not for everyone. It is over 130,000 words long (320 pages) and it is deliberately thorough. Nothing has been left out. It is everything you need to know to become a master persuader. This book gives you everything you need to know to get your sell on. Big time!

  • This book is for you if you have learned that typical, ordinary how-to-sell books can only take you so far.
  • It is for you if you have discovered there is a lot more going on in a selling situation than is obvious to a casual observer.
  • It is for you if you are are tired of the trite, worn-out clichés of typical selling lore, and are hungry for something with real substance.
  • It is for you if you have failed enough to know there is more to persuasion than worn out nostrums and the patter of small minds following the herd.

Here’s what Charles Edwin Henderson, PhD, the author of All In Selling, says:

All In Selling introduces unorthodox thinking and entirely different methods for becoming subliminally persuasive. No one should waste their time and money on this book if they are expecting “more of the same.” This is definitely not the same-ol’-same-ol’  of selling.

So be ready for an exciting approach to persuasion that deviates from the group-think of ordinary approaches. The information in this book really is the stuff dreams are made of. These are the methods that catapulted the author from being an impoverished country boy to one of the top direct salespeople in America.

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About the author

Dr. Charles E. Henderson’s first career was in big league selling where he broke national sales records. He first broke national records in the sale of pre-need cemetery lots. From there he was hired by Grolier as a regional manager where he set individual and organizational records in the sale of educational materials. Six years later he moved to the VitaCraft Corporation and the sale of waterless cookware where he set national sales records that are yet to be broken. After an immensely lucrative decade and a half he retired from direct sales and returned to college to get a doctorate and become a clinician, researcher and professor. (University of Colorado, Boulder, and the University of Denver.) In the following years he conducted and supervised rigorous scientific research on the sales methods that had made him so successful. His objective was better understanding of his uniquely powerful methods and how to make them usable in getting into big league selling, easily applicable and effective for anyone in sales. All In Selling is a product of that research.

Unemployed? Under-employed? Bored or otherwise dissatisfied with your job?

If the answer is “yes” to any of the above I urge you to consider going into sales. It is a field that offers challenge, excitement, and outrageously good compensation.

And talk about job security! No one in his right mind fires a successful salesperson. When you know how to bring in the business you need have no fear of unemployment. If a highly productive salesperson does happen to get laid off, they can find a new job in about 30 seconds. There is NO unemployment in the ranks of capable salespeople.

When you do go into sales you will probably have some kind of company training available. Take advantage of it and learn all you can. Also read books on selling, maybe attend a seminar or workshop or two, and try to pick the brains of the old hands you come into contact with. But only the successful ones! Unsuccessful salespeople always have a ton of advice they are willing to hand out to anyone who will listen. Don’t. Listen, that is. Stay away as far as you can from the losers.

To set yourself on a course to future greatness in selling, read All In Selling by Henderson.

And keep this in mind: the old pros are extremely unlikely to know what you will know from your reading All In Selling.  It shows you a totally unconventional (and outrageously successful) approach to selling. You will still want to educate yourself in conventional sales lore. But you will get your real power from the All In Selling methods.

If you are just starting in sales, or thinking about taking a sales job, you are on the right track. There is no field today in America that offers more opportunity with less formal training than sales. But just following a training manual and reading a few books will not do it. I know because that is how I tried to start. And failed miserably until I happened to make a lucky discovery. From then on it was pure gravy.

There are ways to influence people – to get them to buy from you – that have nothing to do with fancy presentations, tricky arguments, slick closing techniques, high pressure, or any of the other topics normally thought of as “sales.” In fact, you can be a nice guy or gal, completely honest, morally upright and very easy going and still be an amazingly successful salesperson.

You should read conventional how to sell books but only to learn what not to do. Leave the gimmicks and high pressure tactics to the order takers. You can be better. Much better!

The All In Selling method is entirely different. It allows you to make sales without pressure tactics or high powered rhetoric. Get All In Selling and discover for yourself what a great opportunity there is in sales! And how successful you can be while still being your natural self.

I once met a guy named Norm who said he had read all the important sales books. He had lost count of all the sales training seminars he had attended. He had many years of sales experience and, as far as he was concerned, knew everything he needed to know.

After talking with Norm for a few minutes I could see that he had not really had many years of experience. He had had about one year’s worth of experience repeated many times. As far as I could tell he didn’t know all that much about selling. He just managed to eke out a living and was extremely disappointed with his life which had become boring and trite.

Then there was Kate, a real estate sales person approaching retirement. She was regularly one of the top producers in her company but was disappointed that she had never fully achieved her potential. She had done well but felt she should have done better.

Both Norm and Kate got into All In Selling and transformed their lives. They discovered a renewed excitement for selling they had not felt in years. Norm upped his income considerably and is now well off. The last I heard from Kate she had no intention of retiring because she was having too much fun. And making too much money.

All In Selling is not another motivational book as such. It is not at all in the mode of, say, Zig Zigler, Les Brown, Stephanie Decker, and so on. It does not urge you to be limitless, channel your inner child, or visualize your path to success. It does not offer to provide you with a life coach.

All In Selling is a radical paradigm shift in the approach to selling. Check out the book sample and see if you don’t agree.

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Direct sales are sometimes considered the same as creative sales because the sales person goes directly to the population of possible prospects to make sales.  Instead of waiting for prospects to come to her she goes out and develops her own prospects.

So “direct” means selling directly to the people who will use and pay for the product or service. “Creative” means creating a need in the prospect who probably was not aware of a need for the salesperson’s product until the salesperson showed up.

Back in the old days this was called door-to-door selling. Another way to think of it is as person-to-person selling.

Immense amounts of money can be made in sales commissions in this kind of selling. It includes multi-level marketing (Amway, Avon, Mary Kay,  Nutrilite, Herbalife, etc.), and at least 75 other categories of direct selling (see Direct Selling 411 for their list of direct sales companies). Almost anything you can imagine can be sold directly to customers.

Unfortunately the median income is less than $3,000 a year in direct selling.

“Wait . . . what? Did you say three grand a year is the median income in direct selling?”

That’s right. (See “Can You Really Make Money in Direct Sales?” in Forbes Magazine.)

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Once you get your sell on, the sky’s the limit. Once you are on track it is actually easier to make big money in direct sales because the competition is so weak. There are a lot of direct salespeople out there but, fortunately for you and me, most of them don’t know a lot about what they are doing.

As for you, that’s where the book, All In Selling, comes in.

Get it now.
“Creative sales” has always meant the kind of sales where the salesperson has to create the need in the prospect. That is, the “prospect” was unaware that he or she needed or even wanted the product or service being offered.

The salesperson makes the sale by convincing the prospect that the product of service is needed or wanted and closes the sale.

There are lots of so-called lead generation programs out there, usually cobbled together by companies weary of trying to hire salespeople good enough to get their own real leads. The leads are generally not much good, they waste a lot of the salesperson’s time, and the company pays less commission for sales in order to cover the cost of the lead generation program (usually a telephone bank sweatshop; these are coming to an end because of cell phones).

Creative sales were my favorite and where I excelled. I repeatedly broke national sales records in pre-need cemetery lots, waterless cookware, and encyclopedias. I loved selling in those three areas for three simple reasons:

  1. Almost everyone could be turned into a prospect
  2. Sales commissions were very high
  3. There was not much real competition.

To learn how I did it, and how you can do the same, you’ll have to get your hands on my book. That shouldn’t spook you too much – the price of the book is nothing compared to the money to be made in sales once you get your sell on.

Several years ago I served as a consultant to one of the largest real estate companies in the southwestern United States. The quality of their salespeople ranged all over the map, from part-timers who in several years had sold only a few modest properties, to a handful of high producers who accounted for more than 80 percent of the company’s business.

My assignment was to focus on the mid-listers and increase their productivity.

Unfortunately at that time I had not yet written All In Selling and had not yet done all the research that gave me more understanding of how it works and how to make it work for others. (You’ll find the story on that in the book.)

My efforts did produce an increase in sales over several months. The individuals who did not show much improvement were held back by their fear of rejection. If I had known then what I now know about dealing with that (again, it’s in the book) the outcome of my efforts would have been even more impressive.

There was one guy on the low rung of the sales force who I thought had more promise but who just did everything wrong. I found myself focusing on him in the classes I was conducting because he seemed eager and willing to put himself into it.

To make a long story more boring, he gradually became one of the top producers (he worked primarily on listings) and within a few years became president of the company. Unfortunately he blew it because of personal issues but nothing could take away the sales persona he had developed so he went elsewhere and did well.

No matter what your focus or what area of real estate you are in, if you are open to new ways of doing things (and you can handle the success they can bring), you really should consider All In Selling. Begin by looking at the free sample.

I used to feel disdain for retail salespeople. I did not even want to call them “salespeople.”

But my opinions, like the times, have changed. There are many good reasons for being in retail and the methods in my book will work just as well for retail selling as for any other type.

I still think there are more remunerative, more rewarding ways to be in sales. But like I said I know there are good reasons for being in retail.

I’m assuming you read the bulleted text under the picture of my book. If after reading that you feel like All In Selling might be right for you, here is what I suggest: Click on the image of the book and read the free sample. If you do that you will have a very good idea of what it is like and whether or not you should read the whole book.

To get the free sample of the book just click on the book’s image. The free sample will appear in another tab on your browser in PDF format.

If you are a manufacturer’s representative you don’t need to be told how competitive it is out there. It can be brutal!

And every area has its own unique requirements and conditions. If you’ve been at it a while you undoubtedly know things about selling your product or service that you had to learn on your own.

So what can All In Selling do for you? It makes YOU the product. When buyers want to do business with you it is a lot easier to persuade them you have the best deal for them. Even if you don’t, they will still want to do business with you (as long as you are in the ballpark for price, quality, service, etc.).

So give All In Selling a shot and pleasantly surprise yourself.

To check out a free sample of the book, simply click on the book’s icon and it will appear in a new tab on your browser in PDF format.